StirlingFildes’ comprehensive range of medication safety labels have been produced in accordance with the National Standard for User-applied Labelling of Injectable Medicines, Fluids and Lines, developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. 

The Labelling Standards are designed to assist health care professionals identify the correct medicine and/or fluid (container) at all times and the correct route of administration of the injectable medicine/fluid (conduit). They also describe label inclusions and label placement. 

The Labelling Standards aim to: 

•  Promote safer use of injectable medicines

•  Standardise user-applied labelling of injectable medicines

•  Provide minimum requirements for user-applied labelling of injectable medicines. 

The Labelling Standards apply to ALL clinical areas in Australia where injectable medicines and fluids are administered. The implementation of the Labelling Standard is a mandatory requirement for all health services seeking accreditation under the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (Standard 4: Medicaltion Safety). Health service accreditation commenced January 2013 and is ongoing.

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