Catheter Lock Label - 60 x 50mm

All locked catheters with a medicine ‘in situ’ to ‘lock’ the catheter (e.g. dialysis catheter with a heparin lock) must be labelled in accordance with the National Labelling Standard.

Our locked catheter labels are designed to meet minimum requirements for labelling locked catheters, such as active ingredient (medicine), date prepared and for both the arterial lumen and venous lumen, volume of lumen (mL) & final amount of medicine (units).

Our easy to use labels should be applied to partially cover the catheter dressing. Place the label close to the catheter but leave part of a breathable dressing uncovered to allow the dressing to function as intended.

$19.50 excl GST

Code: LA 241

500 per roll

60 x 50mm